Friday, July 16, 2010

Our little brother Binu is undergoing a surgery today...

Dear friend,

Our little brother Binu is undergoing a surgery today. . He is in Vaithiri Govt. Hospital, Wayanad. He stumbled from the steps. Past three years he over come the disease of breaking thebones through the strength of poetry and friendship.

The first poetry book of Binu ' Unto my Dreams', is in the press. While reading this letter, binu might have undergone the surgery. Last day, had talked to Binu in phone. He is slightly shagged. Binu wishes your love and support. There is a plan to meet Binu at the hospital. Some of us are going to Wayanad this evening. To communicate with Binu please contact + 91 98465 86810

Please remember that Binu has no access to with our e- world.

With Love and Regards

K G Suraj
Friend's of Binu

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  1. All the best and quick recovery for Binu. Please remove this word varification