Monday, November 9, 2009

article about binu and his blog that appeared in The New Indian Express

It's not everyday that you get to see a blog spreading so much of goodness around. A boy who could only crawl from one room to another, due to a dreadful disease that breaks his bone even if a finger is strongly pressed, can now walk a few distance. Thanks to blogging and the enviable goodness in a few bloggers.

Binu M.Devasia, a boy of 18, suffering from osteogenesis imperfecta, do not know how to blog. But his blogs, and, have changed his life forever and led him to his dreams.

It all began with one of Binu's poems appearing in and K.G.Suraj, a blogger happening to read it. When Suraj came to know that Binu is physically-disabled but creative like anything, he contacted him. Soon, Suraj began a blog for Binu, posted his poems (which Binu's sister sent him through post) and forwarded it to his orkut friends. That was almost two years back. Now there is a large Orkut and Facebook community in the name of Binu, with members all across the globe, who reads, encourages and supports this boy residing in Wayanad.``I write and sent the poems to Suraj. He takes care of the blogs,''Binu tells us. Last year, when he joined a class to learn electronics, he got a glimpse of his own blog. ``We had net connection there and I saw it,'' Binu sounds happy.

But a humble Suraj tells us he is just one small element in the goodwill of a large community online. ``Only when we put technology to its best use does it become meaningful. We are a group of friends who wants to see this creative boy leading a better life,'' he says. Binu is blessed. For Samvidanand, another blogger, has recited his poems in Malayalam which is available online. Another online friend Aswathy Senan has recited his poems in English, which is also posted in his blog. A few friends are now documenting Binu's life, the first schedule of the shooting already over. But most importantly, Binu's maiden bilingual book `Swapnangalilekula Vazhikal' or `Unto My Dreams' will be released very shortly. The preface to the book has been written by Prof. Madhusoodanan Nair, proof-read by poet Ayyappan, singer K.P.Udayabanu and the Kootam group. The poems have been translated to English by a few of his friends: Padma, Babu, Jacob, Veena, Aswathy and so on.

His poem, `Achante Pattu' has been translated into English, Portugese, Arabic and Spanish. The Portugese version has been done by Brazilian painter Luna Maria and Arabic by Hamid Amigo. Thanks to his Orkut community which seems to be taking his poems far and wide. Suraj and friends also opened a bank account in Binu's name, which collected a handsome sum enabling Binu to go for Ayurvedic treatment. Now, Binu can take a few steps without his bones crumbling in pain. He is eager to learn and is preparing to write the tenth equivalent exams.``Now Binu smiles, dreams and is a lot less in pain. It's the magic of togetherness and combined effort,'' Suraj remarks.

A lot of other names need to be mentioned here if Binu's success story is to be completed. Like Dr P.G.Hari, Dr Deepa Bijo Alexander, Sandhya M.S., Sreeja and hundreds of others in e-world who still believes in the goodness of human life. Binu has three sisters and brothers, his father died after a prolonged heart disease and mother is unwell. And a large debt incurred by way of his treatment. Log onto Binu's blog to help him realise his dreams and call him at 9846586810 to comment on his poems.

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